Tim Burton’s Addams Family Show Will Reportedly Be R-Rated

The Addams Family

The Addams Family might be mysterious and spooky and altogether ooky, but the exploits of the gothic clan have always been aimed at an all-ages audience, from the classic 1960s sitcom to the movies of the 90s to the recent animated reboot. Tim Burton’s upcoming reimagining of Gomez, Morticia and their kids, however, may make a major change to the franchise and come with an R-rating.

This is the surprising slice of intel that’s arrived from insider Daniel Richtman, who shared on his Patreon page that he’s heard a rumor on the grapevine that the Addams Family live-action TV series, which the aforementioned Batman director was revealed to be working on last October, will be aimed at a mature audience and rated R.

Plot details are thin on the ground at present, but we’ve been told that the series will focus on Wednesday Addams and explore how the misanthropic teenager deals with the world of the 2020s. There’s room within that premise for things to get a little harder-edged than we’re used to with the Addams Family, then, especially if Wednesday is aged up by a few years from her usual 13-14 age group.

Burton typically works within a family-friendly framework himself, but his projects have occasionally come with an R-rating – gory musical Sweeney Todd, for instance. And after being involved with softer fare like Dumbo in recent years, he may be itching to make something a little more adult again. That being said, it’s easy to imagine execs pushing back against the idea over worries about damaging the appeal of the IP, so we’ll just have to see if this comes to pass.

Unfortunately, no casting details have arrived yet, but fans generally want Burton’s frequent collaborators Johnny Depp and Eva Green as Gomez and Morticia. Tell us, though, are you hyped for the – maybe R-rated – Addams Family reboot? Let us know down below.