Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’ Series Announces Who Will Be Playing Lurch

Tim Burton and The Addams Family sounds like a match made in heaven. And because of this, fans of both the kooky family and the legendary director have been waiting to learn more about Wednesday, the upcoming Netflix-produced and Tim Burton-directed Addams Family spin-off. 

Over the summer, several members of the cast have been revealed. This has included the announcement that Jenna Ortega, most known for her roles in The Babysitter: Killer Queen and Scream, would be playing Wednesday Adams. She will be supported by legendary Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. Best known for her roles in Chicago and Intolerable Cruelty, Zeta-Jones will be playing the iconic role of Morticia Addams. And Boogie Nights‘ Luis Guzmán will be playing her husband, the equally iconic Gomez Addams.

However, fans have been curious to learn who will play Lurch. One of the most popular characters from the original franchise, Lurch was the Addams’ 6-foot 9-inch tall butler who did his best to keep the house running despite the family’s chaos. 

However, thanks to a tweet from the Tim Burton Daily account and an update to IMDb, fans finally have a good idea who will be playing the iconic character in the upcoming show. The tweet shows Burton standing with George Burcea, and it reads, “Tim Burton with actor George Burcea who will be playing the character of ‘Lurch’”

The Romanian film and theater actor is most known for his role in 2017’s Comrade Detective and 2018’s Say Yes. Fittingly, in the picture, George Burcea towers over Burton, showing that he has the perfect stature to play the famous butler. It should be noted that the actor is only listed as appearing in episode one and episode five of the series, suggesting the character might not be as omnipresent as he was in previous installments in the franchise. 

Wednesday has been described as a: “comedic coming-of-age tale.” According to early information, the film will follow Wednesday Addams as she goes to Nevermore Academy. However, this won’t be a regular school career, as Wednesday will have to come to terms with her psychic powers, stop a murderous rampage, find romance and solve mysteries. And one of these mysteries links back to Wednesday’s own family, touching on a secret they’ve held for over 25 years. 

Currently, Wednesday doesn’t have a firm release date, but we will likely learn more about the series in the coming months.