Tim Roth says ‘She-Hulk’ has plenty of comedy and improv

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Every project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe leans heavily on comedy, but if the myriad of rumors we’ve been hearing about She-Hulk dating back years turn out to be anywhere close to 100% accurate, it could be the closest thing the franchise has created to a straightforward sitcom.

In the comic books, Jennifer Walters is never too far away from dropping a wry and sardonic one-liner, while she’s also got a penchant for breaking the fourth wall. We haven’t even seen an image of Tatiana Maslany as her green alter-ego as of yet, but everyone that’s spoken about the show is already heaping praise on her performance.

Assuming that we’ll see both of their monstrous sides at some point, the She-Hulk set must have been a riot with three talented thespians like Maslany, Tim Roth, and Mark Ruffalo all running around in motion capture leotards pretending to be 10 feet tall.

Speaking to ET Canada, Roth admitted that it was a strange experience, but Ruffalo in particular has been having a blast.

“With Mark, Mark’s hilarious. I mean, the actual on-the-set visuals of him in his CG costume is something I will cherish. He is incredibly funny. He does not take it seriously. I mean, he takes the job seriously, but he doesn’t take himself seriously. He has a wit and gentleness, and the two of them together were very funny.

And we could improvise depending on whom we were working with on any particular day. Some of the directors that we worked with were up for improv, and that was funny. The idea of improvising with those characters in that situation was unusual, to say the least.”

She-Hulk still doesn’t have a premiere date locked in, but hopefully it won’t be too long until we find out, with Phase Four’s future rapidly beginning to take shape on the big and small screens.