It’s Time To Fight For The Future In This New Walking Dead Promo


Fight. War. Battle. Bloodshed. These are all words that can be associated with the upcoming second half of The Walking Dead‘s seventh season. Whereas the first batch of episodes may have been somewhat underwhelming and poorly paced, it’s been made abundantly clear in recent weeks that AMC’s hit series is about to go from 0 to 100 real quick as Rick and the gang head into an all-out war with the villainous Negan.

The network’s promotional material for the show’s midseason premiere has so far revolved around themes of rising up and taking a stand, and this latest teaser is no different, with Rick noting that they’re now fighting for their future. It won’t be an easy battle, either, which is why the fearless leader is seeking out help from the Kingdom, Hilltop and more as he assembles an army to take on Negan.

At only 16 seconds in length, there’s not much footage to feast on in this new promo, but with the show’s return now only just over a week away, it does its job of heightening the anticipation for what promises to be an explosive conclusion to the season. It’s all been building up to this showdown and as Andrew Lincoln noted to EW in a recent interview, The Walking Dead has been taking its time in getting there because they want the audience to really feel the need for justice:

“Rather than just have a very cool exciting buildup to war between between Negan and Rick, (showrunner Scott Gimple) wanted people to want more than that. To really feel that they wanted justice, and then to also acknowledge the cost of what had happened and why they were willing to risk it all again while realizing that they were putting many, many, many lives back in the firing line.

I think he really wanted it to feel like the audience, rather than just baying for blood, wanted justice for what had happened. And that, for me, was quite a helpful way of understanding why it had to be so immersive and so painful — certainly for all of us on set and acting in it, but also, I think, for the audience.”

Though things have gotten off to a bit of a slow start so far, season 7B, or 7.5 as some are calling it, looks like it’ll definitely be picking up the pace and not a moment too soon. We’re unsure of how closely the series will be sticking to the source material for this particular part of the story, but if it follows it closely, audiences are in for one hell of a good time.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 12th. Will you be tuning in, or have you already given up on the show? Sound off in the usual place with your thoughts!