New Titans BTS Photo And Videos Offer Best Look Yet At Nightwing


For those of us who are fans of Dick Grayson, it sure does feel like we’ve been waiting an eternity for him to transition to the Nightwing persona in live action. This is nothing new in comics and animation, but no live action movie or TV show had yet to take the leap – until Titans, that is.

Once again, if the movies won’t do it, DC TV sure as hell will. With the Nightwing film being in developmental limbo, the producers of Titans picked up the ball and ran with it, so to speak. But hey, this does make sense because Dick is no longer Robin on the series, and there’s no other direction for him to go.

It was only days ago when we saw a set photo confirming Dick’s evolution, but this time around we can share set videos that’ve been circulating around Instagram showing Nightwing in action. And if those weren’t enough, you can check out a new image below them which offers our first look at the front of his costume.

As you can see, Dick is joined by Hawk and Ravager as they’ve seemingly wrapped a scene. To me, this costume is somewhat reminiscent of the one used for the recent Batman Missions line of action figures, though I’m uncertain if that served as any inspiration. Regardless, I’m happy the producers went with the black and blue color scheme.

Judging by the timing of these leaks and the recent video posted to social media by Minka Kelly, my best guess is that we won’t see Brenton Thwaites suiting up until later in the season. But on the upside, the expected waiting time would only be until later this fall.

Titans airs on Fridays on DC Universe.