New Titans BTS Video Offers Best Look At The Batsuit Yet


Titans surprised DC fans by featuring Batman in a relatively prominent way. After years of the Arrowverse having to ignore the Bat-verse – until very recently, that is – and Gotham only teasing Bruce Wayne’s future, it was thrilling to have a DC TV show that could actually depict the Dark Knight. I mean, he still was only allowed to skulk around in the shadows, but we’ll take what we can get.

The role of the Caped Crusader on Titans was filmed by stuntmen Alain Moussi and Maxime Savaria and while we didn’t get a particularly clear look at them in the Batsuit during season 1 of the DC Universe series, this fun behind the scenes video offers our best glimpse yet at the costume.

As Batman was only featured in season 1 shrouded in darkness, the costume department didn’t need to rustle up a fully-functioning, complete suit, as you can see from the lack of the Bat-symbol on the chest. However, the cowl is terrific and really calls back to the Tim Burton movies. With its distinctive musculature and pointy ears, it’s actually a lot like the one worn by Michael Keaton in the role.

This isn’t the only time Titans’ design choices echoed the Burton/Keaton films, either. Where Batman goes, so does his trusty car the Batmobile and naturally, the iconic vehicle made appearances on the show as well. Again, we couldn’t see it clearly on screen, but an awesome piece of concept art gives us a better look at the vehicle and it’s close to the model used in Batman ’89.

As those who’ve seen the show will know, Bats featured most prominently in the finale episode, in which Brenton Thwaites’ Robin had to stop his former mentor, who had apparently gone berserk and was killing all his old enemies. It turned out, however, that this was a nightmare world that the demonic Trigon had sent Dick’s mind to.

The whole thing surely left the hero pretty rattled, and we’ll see where things go from here when Titans season 2 returns and brings with it the likes of Superboy, Krypto and – reportedly – Deathstroke.