New Photo Offers Best Look Yet At Titans’ Batmobile


While the focus of DC Universe’s Titans was obviously the team based on the Teen Titans themselves, the first season of the series had a surprising amount of Batman in it. Bruce Wayne appeared in flashback sequences to Dick Grayson’s youth and the present-day suited-and-booted Batsy also featured in later episodes. In particular, the finale was all about Robin having to bring down a crazed Dark Knight who was killing his enemies.

Though he was very prominent throughout the run, Batman was still mostly glimpsed in the shadows or in silhouette. Which means that, though we saw it a couple of times, we didn’t get a particularly clear look at Titans‘ take on the Batmobile. Thankfully, concept artist John Gallagher has now shared an official photo of the final design of the iconic vehicle on his Facebook account, and it looks pretty awesome.

As you can see below, Titans‘ Batmobile is a pleasingly retro take on Batman’s wheels, with the sleek black design and fins at the back recalling the model used in Tim Burton’s Batman movies as well as the one from Batman: The Animated Series. It’s certainly a far cry from the modern takes on the Batmobile though – as seen in the Nolan films or the DCEU – in which it’s much more of an armored tank than a car.

As previously stated, Batman’s biggest role in Titans season 1 came in the finale. The show seemed to paint him as having finally gone over the edge, leading Robin to make the tragic choice to kill his former mentor before he could take any additional lives. It was ultimately revealed, though, that this was a nightmare experienced by Dick as Trigon – Rachel’s demonic father – tried to take over his mind.

The aftermath of the event’s set to be explored in the season 2 premiere, which could wrap up the Trigon plotline, showrunner Greg Walker has teased. Speaking of Titans sophomore run, it’s expected to go before the cameras in February before dropping on DC Universe later this year, and as always, you can watch this space for more.