Titans Season 2 Said To Shoot In February, May Premiere In Late 2019


With Titans‘ first season finale being set to debut tomorrow (and hopefully it’ll wind up being a two-parter because the original word said we were in for 12 episodes total), it’s certainly not a bad time to begin looking forward to the show’s sophomore year.

According to Super Bro Movies, some tipsters residing over at a Titans Facebook group have heard that season 2 begins filming sometime during February of 2019, which actually sounds quite believable. Of course, we ask that you regard this as rumor until confirmation arrives, but we’re sure the producers are already hard at work plotting what’s to come.

Furthermore, they assume for the premiere to air later in 2019, but my better judgment says an early 2020 kickoff is much more likely. My reason for saying that is because DC Universe intends on putting out only one new live action show at any given time and, according to a recent infographic of theirs, Stargirl occupies the September-December slot. Given that, we shouldn’t expect more of Titans until January 2020 at the earliest.

But when the saga does pick up, it very much looks like we’ll be receiving some sort of adaptation of The Judas Contract. Already, Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s classic comic book story arc has been translated to a fine animated film, so it’ll be intriguing to see how this series will approach the material.

Thanks to red tape separating WB’s motion picture and television divisions, the producers will be forced to re-imagine Deathstroke because Slade Wilson is currently reserved for movies. One possibility would be to put one of his kids under the mask, but none of us can say for certain until the official word comes down.

Titans airs on Fridays on DC Universe.