Titans’ Popularity Increased A Lot Throughout Its First Season


Like many other DC fans out there, I was cautiously optimistic heading into Titans‘ series premiere. After being left unimpressed by paparazzi photos showing the cast’s costumes (except for Robin, because his threads are awesome), I was also somewhat taken aback by the vulgar and overly violent debut trailer that dropped over the summer.

But once showtime drew closer and more footage made its way online, I began warming up to this new take on one of comics’ most beloved super groups. And once I was able to view advance screeners ahead of the premiere, I became a believer. In fact, I had mostly good things to say in my review penned in October.

Well, as positive word of mouth began spreading, so, too, did viewership numbers increase. According to information supplied to Screen Rant by Parrot Analytics, Titans was one of 2018’s most popular superhero shows overall.

Here’s how the outlet broke it down:

“In fact, demand increased as the series continued, peaking with the season finale. By mid-December Parrot considered Titans to be in the top 0.03 percent of TV shows, which they officially class as ‘Amazing.’ As seen in this data – which runs from November 17 to December 16, shortly before the finale’s release – Titans compared very well indeed to similar superhero shows.”

What’s just as impressive is that the show’s found a dedicated audience in the United States, China, Japan, Brazil and the United Kingdom. In my view, this saga certainly deserves all of the praise and admiration it’s getting because it’s really turning out to be something special.

Right now, all we can do is wait for Titans season 2 to get here and hope the quality keeps up. Unfortunately, that likely won’t be until 2020, but at least we know that Deathstroke will (probably) be the big bad next time around. That’s not too shabby, if you were to ask me.

Source: Screen Rant