Titans Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed At Comic-Con


We’ve been getting some significant news about the second season of Titans from San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. Although we’re still waiting for that elusive trailer to go public, leaked screenshots have already shown us how Deathstroke will look and also teased the return of key characters. The DC Universe panel at SDCC has let out one crucial piece of news, though, namely that the second season will be with us on Friday, September 6th.

This is a welcome surprise, as previous reports were leaning towards new Titans episodes not being available until the end of 2019, or in early 2020. Plot details are still a little thin on the ground, but we know there’ll be returning characters like Dick Grayson, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven, likely facing off against the aforementioned Deathstroke. In addition, the Titans cast will be greatly expanded to include Deathstroke’s children Ravager and Jericho, as well as Superboy, Krypto, Mercy Graves and Aqualad, with guest characters Jason Todd, Donna Troy, Hawk, and Dove also back in action.

We’ll also be seeing Iain Glen assume the role of Bruce Wayne in the series, albeit with a low chance of him taking on Batman duties. Although the trailer and further plot details are likely on their way, we’ve heard that the storyline for season 2 will be based on Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s classic series The Judas Contract, which has previously been adapted as an animated movie.

Titans season 2 joins upcoming new episodes for Doom Patrol and the launch of the Harley Quinn animated series and Stargirl, all of which dispel the notion that DC Universe is being shut down any time soon. Given that we saw the Harley Quinn trailer at SDCC, don’t be surprised if we have that Titans preview coming down the pipeline soon as well.