Titans Set Photos Reveal First Look At Beast Boy And Raven


At the tail end of last year, we got our first look at Brenton Thwaites in costume as Robin for DC’s upcoming live-action TV show Titans. It was received very positively by the fans, so we assumed the rest of the cast would soon be unveiled, and while Hawk and Dove followed not long after, the other members of the team remain under wraps.

Thankfully, then, set photos from location filming in Toronto have given us our first glimpse at Beast Boy and Raven in the show, as played by Ryan Potter and Teagan Croft, respectively. If these are their main costumes in Titans, though, some fans might be disappointed that the characters’ looks aren’t as faithful to the comics as Robin’s is.

That being said, the designers have done a solid job of capturing the feel of their superhero suits from the source material. For instance, Croft has Raven’s goth fashion sense down pat and shares her purple hair.

The biggest change is that Beast Boy doesn’t have his traditional green skin and Spock ears, but previous superhero TV shows should probably have prepared us for that (see: David Tennant not being purple as the Purple Man in Jessica Jones). They have retained the character’s green hair, though, and his white and red jacket evokes his classic comic book unitard.

Much of Titans is still under lock and key, but a few exciting details have leaked out, much like these shots of the characters’ costumes. Among other things, it looks like the series could dig deep into Robin’s backstory as a member of the Bat-family as fellow Boy Wonder Jason Todd and Batman himself are believed to be set to appear.

Titans will air its 13-episode debut season at some point this year on DC’s yet-to-be-unveiled new digital streaming service. As always, watch this space for more.

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