The Title Of The Captain Picard Star Trek Show May’ve Leaked


Filming on Patrick Stewart’s much-anticipated return to Star Trek for his own show as Jean-Luc Picard begins next month, and with that, a production notice may have given us confirmation of what the series will be called. According to Production Weekly’s record that the Picard show goes before cameras on April 14th, it’ll be titled Star Trek: Destiny. 

As fans will know, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this as a prospective name for the series. Last year, CBS took out six trademarks that all looked to be the titles of upcoming Trek shows. One of which was Lower Decks, the animated comedy that’s officially happening. That would seem to confirm that Production Weekly’s info is correct, but it’s worth remembering that we also know not all of these six shows will be making it to the screen.

For instance, Ceti Alpha 5 was set to be a Khan-focused series from Nicholas Meyer, which is currently in limbo. So, Destiny could have been another project that never materialized and PW simply got their wires crossed.

Likewise, Star Trek: Discovery‘s Sonequa Martin-Green previously announced that she believes the series will be titled Picard, plain and simple. However, it’s very possible that this was the informal name given to the production behind the scenes rather than an intended release title. If you ask us, it seems likely that Destiny is what Stewart’s Trek comeback will go out under, but let’s not start calling it that just yet.

Now that Destiny, Picard whatever it’s called is on the cusp of production, character breakdowns have also arrived that help shed some light on the Star Trek show. They promise a ramshackle crew of morally dubious characters that sounds a lot different from Picard’s trusted colleagues on the Enterprise-D. But could his new ship be called the U.S.S. Destiny, as this rumored title suggests? We’ll beam up all the info as and when it comes in.