Tom Hiddleston Returns As The God Of Mischief In First Loki Set Photos

Loki MCU

UPDATE: These photos have been removed at the request of the photographer. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Marvel isn’t letting the grass grow under them when it comes to creating new content for Disney Plus. WandaVision has just completed production, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is well into filming and work on Loki has just begun. Tom Hiddleston will return as the God of Mischief for his own solo vehicle at last and these new photos from the shoot in an as-yet unknown location reveal our first look at him on set.

Hiddleston is immediately recognizable as the character in these images, thanks to his slicked-back dark long hair, which is Loki’s signature. However, you’ll quickly note that he’s not sporting his typical Asgardian attire and is instead wearing a very Earthly suit. There’s an emblem on his jacket as well which appears to be the same one that’s on the uniforms of the soldiers surrounding him in these pics. It’s impossible to make out here, but we’re pretty sure that, if we could read the logo, it would reveal the presence of the Time Variance Authority.

We discovered the TVA were to be part of the Loki series when we got our very first bit of footage of the show, thanks to that Disney Plus sizzle reel that played during the Super Bowl. The brief clip featured Loki in prison overalls labelled TVA, with the trickster promising “I’m gonna burn this place to the ground.” What these images suggest, though, is that a different outcome will occur.

We can theorize that Loki is initially captured by the TVA due to his interfering with human history. Though he clearly doesn’t want to play ball, the organization may twist his arm into working for them, hence why he’s dressed in a TVA uniform. It’s thought Enchantress will be the main villain of the piece, too, so that’s probably why they’ve pressganged Loki into service. After all, it takes an Asgardian to stop an Asgardian.