Here’s How Tom Welling Could Look As The Arrowverse’s Batman


There’s been a Batman-shaped hole in the Arrowverse for years now and while we’d love to see that fixed, it’s completely understandable that the Dark Knight continues to be absent.

After all, he’s one of Warner Bros.’ most valuable properties and they’re pretty protective of any and all depictions of him. There’s also the fact that a live-action TV version may confuse audiences who are more used to seeing him in cinemas rather than on the small screen – not that this mattered with Gotham or Titans, mind you.

Still, the fans are getting restless when it comes to the Arrowverse and its insistence on avoiding the Bat and with Ruby Rose’s Batwoman show set to premiere quite soon, it seems like the perfect time to finally tackle Bruce Wayne in this particular universe. But if The CW does indeed finally introduce the Caped Crusader, who should play him?

Well, last week Smallville star Tom Welling was asked if he’d be up for it and said that he’d “do it in a second,” and though that’s far from confirmation that such a thing will happen, we now at least have an idea of how he’d look should he ever suit up as Batman in the Arrowverse.

Not bad, eh? Clearly, this is an idea that a lot of people can get behind – us included – and already, fans are calling for it to happen. But again, just because Welling says he’s up for it doesn’t mean anything. The CW’s given us no indication that they’re ready to introduce Batman into the Arrowverse and it’s unclear at this point if they even can.

But should the network one day decide to head in this direction and bring the Dark Knight onto the small screen to cross paths with the Flash, Supergirl and whichever other heroes are still standing by that time, Tom Welling would certainly be a great choice for the role.

Source: Instagram