Tom Welling And Kevin Conroy Are Superman And Batman In Crisis On Infinite Earths Fan Art


To be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure of whether Smallville‘s Tom Welling returning as Clark Kent and Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy playing an older Bruce Wayne will really set in until “Crisis on Infinite Earths” actually premieres later this fall. Really, it just seems like a dream come true, and I’m sure some DC fans are waiting for somebody to pinch them.

As you may have noticed from how that was worded, it’s important we point out how Welling and Conroy may never actually suit up as Superman and Batman. After all, Welling never went whole hog in Smallville‘s series finale, and red tape may prevent The CW from incorporating a full-on Dark Knight.

Still, that’s not stopping anyone from pondering the possibilities. In what appears to be a joint venture between digital artists “” and “spdrmnkyxxiii,” we’re able to feast our eyes on this piece imagining the fan favorites as the World’s Finest duo.

From the look of it, Welling is rocking a variation of the Superman Returns costume, which was actually loaned to Smallville for its final season. Conroy, meanwhile, seems to favor a suit based on something from one of the Telltale games, with the sonar cowl from Batman Forever completing the ensemble.

Right now, not much is known about how these two gentlemen will factor into the crossover, though it’s worth pointing out how our trusted source told us that Conroy is playing the Kingdom Come iteration of Batman. With Brandon Routh being Kingdom Come‘s Superman, that would certainly make a whole lot of sense.

Crisis on Infinite Earths” kicks off with Supergirl on Sunday, December 8th on The CW.