Kevin Smith Says Tony Todd’s Unsettling And Commanding In Masters Of The Universe: Revelation

Masters of the Universe

Most fans probably know Tony Todd as the actor behind Candyman and Klingon Commander Kurn, but that could all change with the release of Netflix’s upcoming Masters of the Universe: Revelation cartoon. At least, that’s what director Kevin Smith seems to think.

The veteran filmmaker recently praised Todd for his vocal performance as the minor He-Man enemy Scare Glow during a Twitter exchange that began with Todd sharing his enthusiasm for the show, writing:

“Thank you [Kevin Smith] for making me a part of [Masters of the Universe: Revelation]”

Smith was quick to reply, saying:

“Your performance is unsettling and commanding, my friend, you wear the glowing bones well! Can’t wait til everyone sees what we did with [the show.]”

Tony Todd

That’s far from faint praise, especially considering Todd’s performance will be tied to a fairly obscure character. Although Scare Glow was part of the original 1980s Masters of the Universe toyline, he never appeared in the famous Filmation cartoon or its 1990 and 2002 reboots. He isn’t remembered for much, besides his glow-in-the-dark bones and being one of the more expensive figures in collectors’ circles. But that could all change with Todd’s apparently excellent portrayal of the skeletal specter.

We’ll know one way or another later this year when the series releases exclusively on Netflix, though the exact premiere date is currently unknown. Tony Todd won’t be the only big name among the cast, though, which includes Chris Wood as He-Man, Mark Hamill as Skeletor and Sarah Michelle Gellar as Teela.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation will be animated by the famous Powerhouse Animation Studios, who previously collaborated with Netflix on their popular adaptation of the Castlevania video games. According to earlier comments made by Kevin Smith, it’ll act as a direct followup to the famous animated show we all know and love. And if the interactions between Smith and Todd are anything to go by, it’s going to be just what fans are hoping for.