Trailer For New Fox Series Touch

Heroes creator Tim Kring is returning to the science fiction world again with his new show Touch. The series, which stars Kiefer Sutherland and Danny Glover, centers on a father (Sutherland) whose 11-year-old autistic, mute son begins to predict events before they take place.

Today, Fox has released the first official trailer for the mid-season series. Judging from what we see, Sutherland doesn’t have the hard ass, no bull persona that he did in 24. He actually displays some emotion, which will be interesting to see. It’s also good to see Glover back in action.

I’m a little curious to see where Kring will take us with his new show but I do have faith in him.

Fox has yet to announce the exact date for when the show will air but the pilot, directed by I Am Legend’s Francis Lawrence, is scheduled for a spring 2012 release.