Tremors TV Reboot Picks Up Pace With Kevin Bacon Set To Return


Kevin Bacon is primed to reprise a role that helped put him on the map more than two two decades, with The Hollywood Reporter bringing word that the actor is now on board for the long-rumored Tremors TV reboot.

Set to also executive produce the modern overhaul, Bacon will step into the dusty shoes of one Valentine McKee, who was last seen fending off waves of Graboids – monstrous sandworm creatures, that is – in a small Nevada town called Perfection. Indeed, the actor has been outspoken about his desire to return to the cult horror franchise before, after praising the 1990 original for its practical effects and use of puppetry.

At the time, the success of Tremors spawned a series of direct-to-DVD sequels, not to mention a TV series in the form of Tremors: The Series, though Bacon’s involvement in the franchise ended with the release of the first film. Now, he’s game for a return.

Setting up shop at Universal Cable Productions with support coming from Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions banner, the modern vision for Tremors will be brought to lift by The Secret Circle scribe Andrew Miller. While there is nary a mention of the reboot’s story, early signs point to Universal and Blumhouse writing off the numerous sequels as non-canon, instead revisiting Perfection 25 years later to retain a sense of continuity with the original.

It’s official: Kevin Bacon is headed back to Perfection, Nevada for a new Tremors TV series. But has the actor’s interest in the cult classic piqued your interest?