The TVA Will Reportedly Go After Gamora In Future Loki Season

Guardians of the Galaxy

Not all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney+ shows are going to endure for multiple seasons. WandaVision was very much a one-and-done effort and the announcement of Captain America 4 seemingly ended any hopes for a second installment of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as the small screen story will instead continue theatrically.

However, the MCU’s newest series Loki has the potential to run for a long time; there’s even been talk that a second season has already been given the green light and will start production soon. While that hasn’t been confirmed by creator Michael Waldron, star Tom Hiddleston, or Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige as of yet, it does fall under Waldron’s overall development deal with Disney, so the early signs are encouraging.

We’ve now heard from sources – the same ones who told us Anthony Mackie’s solo debut as the star-spangled Avenger was in the works long before it was confirmed – that a future run of Loki could see the Time Variance Authority tasked with hunting down the 2014 version of Gamora, who entered the main MCU timeline during Avengers: Endgame.

The introduction of variants into the mythology has raised a number of questions as to how they could affect established characters. Zoe Saldana’s Gamora is right up there with Chris Evans’ elderly Steve Rogers as two names that may have drastically altered the Sacred Timeline. If Loki does pick up this particular plot thread, it could have wide-ranging implications for the future, which could realistically impact Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 if the second season of Hiddleston’s solo series gets the official go-ahead around the same time James Gunn’s threequel is in production.