‘Twilight’ star says the franchise is perfect for a TV reboot

Image via Summit Entertainment

What’s old is almost always eventually new again in modern Hollywood, so it stands to reason that we’ll be getting a reboot or continuation of The Twilight Saga one day.

Latent feelings that Twihards hadn’t felt in a decade were stirred up when author Stephenie Meyer released literary companion piece Midnight Sun in the summer of 2020, while all five of the live-action movies spent weeks dominating the Netflix most-watched charts after being added to the platform last year.

Several alumni have admitted they’d be open to donning the fangs once again under the right circumstances, but Ashley Greene has opened up on what many folks are starting to believe is an inevitability. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the actress said Twilight has plenty of potential to be rebooted from the ground up as a TV series.

“I think, honestly, there is so much backstory with all these characters too, that you could 100% do a series, and not necessarily have to do a remake. I think there’s still so much fascination behind, and around, these characters.”

Vampires have always been popular fodder for episodic adventures that feature lashings of action, romance, and supernatural terror, and the name value that Twilight brings to the table would instantly make it a hot ticket for any network or streaming service considering a bid for the rights.

It’s admittedly only been ten years since Breaking Dawn – Part 2 rounded out a five-film bonanza that yielded upwards of $3.3 billion at the box office, but we’ve seen plenty of major properties rebooted much faster than that.