Twin Peaks Primer Video Catches Viewers Up Ahead Of The New Series


On May 21, David Lynch’s critically acclaimed and highly influential TV show, Twin Peaks, returns to our screens for a brand new limited series, and Showtime has released a new, three-minute trailer this week which recaps the terrifyingly bizarre events of the past two seasons and the prequel film, Fire Walk With Me. To be fair, even ardent Twin Peaks fans found the show difficult to follow at times, as many aspects of the plot were kept deliberately vague and open to interpretation – so this primer really only highlights the major moments that propelled the narrative forward.

The basic premise finds Agent Dale Cooper arriving to the town of Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of high-school student Laura Palmer, only to be drawn into a dark world of intrigue and apparent demonic possession. The second season, which is generally considered to be highly inferior, ended with Cooper being trapped in the Black Lodge while his demonic “shadow self” took his place in the real world, and the story is expected to pick up some 15 years after this when we return to the weirdest town in America. The much darker Fire Walk With Me, meanwhile, recapped the events leading to Laura’s death, and Lynch has already confirmed that the film will heavily influence this new iteration of the show.

The video is well worth a look if you’ve already seen Twin Peaks and want a recap, but if not, we definitely suggest you give it a watch before season 3 kicks off, as it really is one of the most unique, strange and riveting TV shows of all-time. As such, you’re going to want to tune in when all the fun begins next month. Otherwise, you’ll be missing out.