Twin Peaks: Everything You Need To Know About The Story So Far


On April 8th, 1990, the nature of television was forever changed by Twin Peaks. Created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, this groundbreaking drama series brought the combined vision of these two filmmakers to bear on the small screen, and the medium was never the same again. Bucking convention and challenging network rules at every turn, this masterpiece story of murder, conspiracy, and corruption repeatedly made history – and now, it’s happening again.

To the uninitiated, the story of Twin Peaks might seem like an impenetrable knot of plot threads – but it is, in fact, a beautifully balanced tapestry of theme, genre, and deep emotion. It’s an iconic image of a place and time that takes on a vast array of appearances, depending on the angle from which it’s viewed. Nothing is wasted – each moment in every frame adds depth and shade to this complex depiction, designed with a single purpose in mind – to draw the viewer in, and immerse them in an unsettling world in which truth is unavoidable.

Its initial run consisted of just 30 episodes across two seasons, and it was dwindling ratings that caused its demise. But Twin Peaks retained a core, devoted audience from its first broadcast, and has since inspired a whole new generation of fans, eager to experience the excitement of new episodes. That excitement will be addressed on May 21st, when David Lynch and Mark Frost take us back to Twin Peaks, and reveal what has become of our favourite town in the intervening 25 years.

A quarter of a century is a long time, though. What of those brand new audiences, who might now wish to lose themselves among the fir trees? While the creative geniuses behind the show will undoubtedly cater for the fresh eyes that will almost certainly be watching when the series returns, it’s the rich history of Twin Peaks that adds the greatest value. With that in mind, let’s review.