Twin Peaks Revival Lands May Premiere Date


Showtime has finally solved a mystery so confounding and puzzling that it’s had the Internet on edge for months: the premiere date of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks revival.

As relayed by TheWrap, the network today announced that the long-in-development series will arrive at 9 pm on May 21, 2017. A two-hour premiere is planned, while other details emerging from the Television Critics Association conference reveal that this new season will run for 18 hour-long episodes in total. Plot details are practically non-existent – such is the Lynchian way – but the writer-director did lift the lid on the impressive cast assembled for this new limited series. There are some 200 cast members in total – Lynch included – and you can find the full, comprehensive list here.


Promising a nostalgic trip back to Twin Peaks, it’s understood David Lynch directed each and every episode, while also writing and producing with series co-creator Mark Frost. All the necessary pieces appear to have fallen into place, but early on in development Showtime’s reboot threatened to fall apart at the seams.

For months, Lynch reportedly played hard ball with the network over budget concerns, even threatening to walk away from the project. Thankfully, it didn’t take long for things to be sussed out behind the scenes, and fans are now closer than ever before to experiencing a new mystery rooted in Twin Peaks.

It’s official: Twin Peaks will make its triumphant return to the airwaves on May 21, 2017. A Sundance premiere is reportedly on the cards, too, while those who subscribe to Showtime’s streaming service can expect to get early access to the show’s third and fourth episodes in due time.