Full Cast List For Twin Peaks Revival Raises More Questions Than Answers

twin peaks

Questions may have loomed over Showtime’s new season of Twin Peaks from the get-go, but the network has at least offered up a status report for those longtime fans itching for the show’s return: details of the full, 217-member cast.

Released to commemorate the end of principal photography, a full rundown of the exhaustive cast list can be found below, welcoming old faces and new to David Lynch’s long-in-development revival. Written and produced by Lynch and series co-creator Mark Frost, Twin Peaks isn’t expected to make its return until early 2017, and though story details remain under lock and key, we know that the follow-up will take place a full 25 years after the original series.

And so, headlining the returnees of Showtime’s drama are Sheryl Lee, Sherilyn Fenn, Mädchen Amick, X-Files stalwart David Duchovny, Michael Horse, Dana Ashbrook, Miguel Ferrer, Ray Wise, Grace Zabriskie, Peggy Lipton, Everett McGill and David Lynch himself.

On the other end of the casting docket are the newbies: Amanda Seyfried, Naomi Watts – reuniting with her Mulholland Drive director – Ashley Judd, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Laura Dern, Ernie Hudson, Michael Cera, Trent Reznor, Jessica Szohr, Jane Levy, Richard Chamberlain, Robert Knepper, Jim Belushi, Tom Sizemore, Ethan Suplee, Balthazar Getty, Bailey Chase, David Koechner, and Larry Clarke.

Showtime and David Lynch’s revival of Twin Peaks may not grace screens until 2017, but you can get up to speed with the full, exhaustive cast list below in the meantime.