Twitter reacts to Master Chief’s Master Cheeks in new ‘Halo’ episode

Things got cheeky on the latest episode of the Paramount Plus Halo series, with video game icon Master Chief showing off his backside to the hordes of viewers.

The series has had a fairly flaccid fan response to its first three episodes, with fans not entirely convinced yet about the direction it is taking. Perhaps debuting Master Cheeks will work as a backdoor pilot to a far raunchier Halo series.

The reaction to the chief’s cheeks has sparked a lot of discussion on Twitter, with fans at a loss for words working out why on earth we’ve just seen the ass-end of an entertainment icon. Some are loving the dump truck, others not so much.

Others are hopeful that different companies take note, especially whenever PlayStation plans to make a show out of Kratos from God of War.

The series already got on the bad side of some fans early on when they unmasked Master Chief in the first episode, something generally considered a no-no by fans of Halo. Unclothing him entirely by just the third episode has been the final nail in the coffin for some viewers.

One fan even dubbed it a total humiliation of a beloved character and declared him dead for Halo as far as the Paramount Plus series is concerned.

Ever since its inception, the $200 million streaming series hasn’t quite picked up the critical reception it’s after, only managing to garner lukewarm reviews — a far cry from the undeniable potential the franchise has. But regardless of its performance, the series has already been greenlit for a second season.

Halo is currently available to stream on Paramount Plus.