Two Alien TV Shows Said To Be In The Works, One’s Produced By Ridley Scott

Alien xenomorph
via 20th Century Studios

It’s been a relatively quiet couple of years for the Alien franchise ever since Alien: Covenant came out to a mixed reception and underwhelming box office returns. Nonetheless, a ray of hope was offered last year with the rumor that a TV series based on the sci-fi franchise was making its way to an unspecified streaming service, and if a new report from HN Entertainment is anything to go by, then plans for the property just might go beyond a single show.

Sources of the site have reportedly said that “there isn’t just one live-action Alien series in the works, but two of them,” one of which is said to have Ridley Scott as an executive producer and is allegedly headed for Hulu. This particular platform is noteworthy not just because it’s partially owned by Fox, but also because Disney is set to have majority stake on the service once the Disney/Fox deal comes into effect. The piece goes on to suggest that Alien might have multiple seasons that cover different times and places in the franchise’s history in a manner they compare to the Fargo TV show.

Time will tell if these assertions ever come to anything, but Disney CEO Bog Iger has already got fans feeling a lot more optimistic about the future of the franchise thanks to his claim earlier this month that the company is happy to keep Fox’s R-rated properties going. In fact, with Marvel Television launching four adult-oriented animated shows on Hulu, HN Entertainment speculates that Disney may intend to use the platform as a home for their more mature releases.

Chances are, Disney won’t be telling us their plans for Alien at least until their deal with Fox closes later in the year, but for now, it sounds like the franchise still has some life in it yet, and if James Cameron can help kick the film series back into gear, then all the better.