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“Two Brothers” becomes latest ‘Attack on Titan’ episode to earn an almost perfect IMDB score

The latest episode of Attack on Titan, "Two Brothers," has managed to attain an almost perfect user score on IMDB.

Image via MAPPA Ltd

The most recent episode of Attack on Titan left fans absolutely flabbergasted, but despite all the tragic surprises that “Two Brothers” had in store for us, most folks are looking beyond their surprise and appreciating studio MAPPA’s astonishing work on the final season.

To that end, “Two Brothers” is the latest episode of the popular anime series to get an almost perfect score on IMDb. With almost 15,000 votes, the 78th episode actually had a perfect 10/10 rating, though it has since been reduced to 9.9/10 with nearly 20,000 reviews.

This marks the fourth episode in the final season to manage a perfect score. “Declaration of War,” “The War Hammer Titan,” and “Assault” all got perfect 10/10 ratings and have since retained 9.9 on the platform. Now, “Two Brothers” has joined the ranks, followed closely by “Savagery” which sits at 9.8.

Needless to say, these rankings are stupefying for a TV show, much less an anime series. It’s also worth noting that Attack on Titan actually has a 9.0 ranking on IMDb overall, with all season four episodes so far, excluding “A Sound Argument”, earning at least a 9.0 rating.

While we’re three episodes into the second part of the final season, it’s becoming increasingly clear that MAPPA has pulled out all the big guns for the conclusion of the narrative. So, if you think the visuals of this recent episode were breathtaking, just wait until we go through the rest of the explosive final arc.

Attack on Titan will continue next Sunday with episode 79, “Memories of the Future,” on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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