Tyler Hoechlin’s New Superman & Lois Suit Has Leaked Online


Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman has only been an occasional guest star up until now, but in the brand new post-“Crisis” Arrowverse, we’ll be seeing a lot more of him. Earlier this week, it was announced that The CW has ordered new spinoff Superman & Lois to series, meaning that Hoechlin will be starring in his own show – alongside Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane – starting in the 2020/21 season. And we might already have got our first taste of the Man of Steel’s new look in the series.

This supposedly leaked concept art has materialized online today, which offers an updated take on the costume Hoechlin has worn in his appearances as Supes to date. Honestly though, it’s not all that different, apart from the belt. Comic book fans will note that this accessory closely matches the one from the DC Rebirth design of Superman.

See for yourself:

The pilot episode of S&L is due to be filmed soon, so it does make sense that this concept art would already be knocking around. Typically, a network decides whether they want a full season of a show after they’ve seen the pilot, but in this case, The CW must have been confident enough in the concept to go straight ahead with it. That’s not too surprising, either, considering the popularity of the Arrowverse and Superman’s status as the most iconic superhero on the planet.

Superman & Lois is due to focus on the Kents’ dual challenges as working parents and living the life of secret heroes. “Crisis on Infinite Earths” featured a major set-up for the show’s status quo, too, as Lois mentioned that the pair have two sons. Pre-“Crisis,” the couple had a baby boy, Jon, but the multiversal reboot seems to have doubled their number of kids. Who exactly their second son is, we don’t know yet. But WGTC has previously reported that the Super-Sons are coming to the Arrowverse, so maybe the Kents have adopted Damien, Son of Batman, Wayne?

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