Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman Will Return For The Supergirl Season 2 Finale


Despite the fact we’ll soon have two versions of the Flash running around thanks to Ezra Miller’s take on the hero in Justice League and Grant Gustin doing his thing on The CW, Warner Bros. continues to keep certain characters off television. That’s why we haven’t seen Batman show up in Arrow, and it’s also why Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman was only in two episodes of Supergirl when the new season premiered last year.

Clearly realizing that audiences aren’t stupid enough to confuse the small screen Man of Steel with the one played by Henry Cavill though, it’s now been confirmed that Hoechlin is set to reprise the role in the upcoming season finale of Supergirl. No details have been revealed about what he’ll be getting up to there, but this is still exciting news and comes with a myriad of possibilities. After all, if Warner Bros. is making it easier for The CW to use Superman here, then we could very well see him make his presence felt in future crossovers on the network. The thought of the Man of Steel standing alongside the likes of Green Arrow and the Flash is undeniably cool, even if the DC Extended Universe will probably get there first this November.

The fight against Cadmus has pushed Supergirl to her limits, so the Girl of Steel getting some backup from her cousin makes sense and he’ll hopefully get a satisfying role here beyond just a simple cameo. We don’t know too much about how he’ll factor into things just yet, but expect more details about Superman’s return to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Source: E! Online