UHD versions of the Defenders Saga coming to Disney Plus “soon”

Images via Netflix Studios / Remix by Keane Eacobellis

Disney Plus today got a ton of new Marvel content courtesy of Netflix’s original series finally migrating to the platform. While for now, they’re only available in high and standard definition, the company assured that better quality will be coming “soon”.

Responding to a user’s question about when 4K could potentially come for these shows Disney Plus’ support account explained why they are only currently available in lower definitions.

According to the support agent, the decision was made to put out the SD and HD versions of the shows so they could be available for fans as soon as possible, however, higher quality versions are also headed to the service.

“Hello, Ryan! In an effort to make this highly-anticipated content available to Disney+ subscribers ASAP, we opted to launch in HD/SDR to start, but UHD versions will be available soon. Stay tuned!”

Right now, all of Disney Plus’s original Marvel content and films from the MCU are available to stream in UHD. While the streaming service has assured that its latest Marvel content will receive the 4K treatment soon, no official launch date for the same has been released yet.

Fans had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Netflix’s Marvel series to Disney Plus, which makes the platform the go-to place for the franchise’s content. Yesterday all of the shows joined the service including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Punisher, and the crossover series Defenders.

If you’re planning to watch all of this new content, which includes around 13 seasons of TV, check out the right order to binge the Defenders Saga here