The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Reportedly Starts Shooting In Feburary

The Umbrella Academy

Fans of The Boys may have review bombed the second season of the show after Amazon changed the release model and only debuted the first three episodes before making viewers wait for the rest, but the strategy looks to have paid off in the long run, as the twisted superhero series has been the only one of the Top 10 most-streamed shows that doesn’t hail from Netflix over the last few weeks.

The binge watching model has completely revolutionized the way audiences consume television, but there are also drawbacks to such instant gratification. As well as leading to incredulity when a streaming site dares not to release every episode all at once, powering through an entire season in one sitting often causes the project in question to fade from the public consciousness in short order.

Take The Umbrella Academy for example, which is one of Netflix’s biggest and most popular original shows. The latest run took things in a bigger, broader, more complex and ultimately superior direction, but after dominating the Top 10 most-watched list for weeks after arriving at the end of July, nobody really seems to be talking about the adventures of the Hargreeves family at all anymore.

Of course, that won’t stop the comic book adaptation from continuing to be a huge hit, and the third season is now rumored to start shooting in February of next year and run until August. That makes it more than likely that the dysfunctional band of superheroes won’t return to our screens until 2022 at the earliest, but based on the enthusiastic reception and huge numbers so far, The Umbrella Academy will nonetheless remain one of Netflix’s marquee properties.