Uncover The Bluth In Arrested Development Season Four Trailer


The next season of Arrested Development is nearly upon us. Since the show’s cancellation back in 2006, it’s topped many a list of shows that need to be resurrected. Jumping on the success of their original programming, Netflix yanked the show from its early grave. Weeks before its debut, a trailer has arrived which should whet your appetite for further Bluth family mishaps.

Chiming it at a conservative minute and a half, this teaser for the upcoming season serves as a reminder of the Bluth family. The story behind season four centres around a fictional production of a film. The film of course is based on the infamous family scandal which anchored the previous three seasons. There’s little revealed about the plot at this point but to be honest, the Bluths could be locked in a nuclear bunker for the entire episode run and it’d still be engrossing. The trailer crammed full of one liners only the Bluths can pass off, with Buster on fine scene-stealing form. You can check it out for yourself below.

The show’s creator Michael Hurwitz confirmed that the structure of this new season will adopt a new shape. Instead of the family intermingling with each other across multiple stories, each episode will focus on one character. All of the episodes will exist parallel to each other, so there’ll be the occasional crossover. There have only been a few scenes shot featuring the entire cast.

All the main stars of the previous three seasons will return including a few select cameos. Isla Fisher, John Slattery, Andy Krasinski, Kristen Wiig, Conan O’Brien, Liza Minnelli, Seth Rogen, Ben Stiller, Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and Scott Baio will make brief appearances.

All fifteen episodes of Arrested Development will be made available through Netflix at the stroke of midnight on May 26th.

Source: The Playlist