Underrated Netflix Shows That Deserve To Be Binged


Netflix adds newly produced films and series to its library every week. But just because something is new, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. In fact, most bits of content are made to profit off some sort of trend. And as a result, their legacies are by no means lasting.

If you care more about quality rather than quantity, then, your best bet may be to dig a little deeper and find those hidden gems that have been stowed away in Netflix’s catalog for quite some time, and are being buried alive underneath piles of new productions. In order to help you along this quest, Collider was kind enough put together a list of such hidden gems and here’s a brief overview of what they found.

First off we got The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Produced last year, this fantasy epic is actually a reboot of a cult classic from the previous century. Based on characters produced and designed by Jim Henson and his company – the same one that created the famous Muppets – it’s honestly one of the best fantasy shows out there and is well worth your time.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Up next we have Seis Manos. This animated series, commonly referred to as a “Mexican anime,” tells the story of a group of orphaned martial artists who ally themselves with the DEA and the Mexican government to keep the peace in their home town. A wildly original premise that’s brilliantly executed, you’re sure to enjoy this one.

Then there’s Cannon Busters. Another animated series, this hotly-anticipated show failed to pick up steam when it first arrived on Netflix last year. If you shake off the dust, however, you’ll find a brilliantly-crafted fictional world, an intrigue-filled plot, and a cast of unforgettable characters.

Other shows that Collider recommends, meanwhile, include the comedy web series Trigger Warning with Killer Mike, the animated sitcom Tuca & Bertie, and the American dramedy I Am Not Okay with This.