A Villain From The Long Halloween Will Show Up In Gotham Season 4


To date, Gotham has certainly boasted no shortage of villains culled from the Batman mythos, already delivering on fully realized versions of the Penguin, Riddler and Mr. Freeze, to name a few. Not only that, but lesser known knaves such as the Electrocutioner have also put in appearances.

So, with another year of television ahead of us, we fully expect to see some new faces. According to TV Guide Magazine’s Comic-Con Special, “a major character” from Batman: The Long Halloween will be showing up and, in the words of executive producer John Stephens, is “probably the most graphically violent, terrifying villain we’ve brought in. Some people would call him a butcher.”

Those of you who have read the thirteen-issue maxiseries that has since been collected into a trade paperback can probably infer from that that Stephens is talking about Holiday. Long story short, Gotham City was plagued by a string of murders for an entire year, with someone getting knocked off on a major holiday each month, thus the killer was dubbed “Holiday.”

Now, it’s important to note that there were, in fact, two Holiday killers in the book, those being Alberto Falcone and Gilda Dent. And knowing how heavily the Falcone family has factored into this series, placing Alberto in this role would make sense.

When it comes to Gilda, however, we’re not so sure because the producers have all but forgotten about Harvey Dent, with actor Nicholas D’Agosto having already moved onto other projects. Still, Stephens did go on record saying he thought a female Two-Face is “a great idea” in the very same article, so anything’s possible.

Given the nature of Holiday, it stands to reason they’ll be an overarching villain this season on Gotham as opposed to a one-shot baddie, so we hope the creative minds handle this with care if indeed this is the route they wish to go.