The Villains Take The Spotlight In Gotham Season 2 Promo


Unfortunately, season one of Gotham wasn’t quite the massive success that both FOX and fans were hoping it would be. Sure, it had its moments, but more than a few rough patches resulted in a show that had some trouble finding its footing, especially in the earlier episodes.

Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case with its sophomore outing, as this season is all about the villains, and there are certainly a number of exciting new characters to look forward to when Gotham returns.

As seen in the promo above, the focus is most definitely on the bad guys, as we get looks at Penguin, Riddler and Tigress, among others. Of course, there’s also some shots of Jerome Valeska, who will go onto become the Joker. With word that Mr. Freeze, Clayface and a few others are on the way as well, it certainly looks like Jim Gordon will have his hands full this year.

Gotham returns to FOX on September 21st. Check out the new promo above and let us know which villains you’re most looking forward to seeing on season 2.

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