Vin Diesel Reportedly Developing Riddick TV Show For Streaming


The Fast & Furious franchise’s Dominic Toretto might be the defining role of Vin Diesel’s career, one that’s turned him into an A-list megastar after he assumed creative control following the saga’s reinvention as a globetrotting series of blockbuster action extravaganzas, but he’s always given off the distinct impression that Richard B. Riddick is closer to his heart.

The 53 year-old has the multi-billion dollar success of Fast & Furious to fall back on, but the expanded Riddick universe has never been quite as straightforward. Pitch Black was a decent-sized box office success, but crafting the sequel to a B-level creature feature as an epic space opera backfired spectacularly, with The Chronicles of Riddick bombing hard.


Almost a decade later, third installment Riddick went back to basics and was a definite return to form, although the fourth outing for the goggled ex-convict has remained stuck in development hell since being announced in 2014. However, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Fast & Furious 9 was heading to outer space long before it was confirmed – that Diesel is reportedly working on a new TV show for the property as well.

Back in 2016, the freshly-minted musical sensation revealed that an episodic spinoff titled Merc City was in development alongside Riddick 4, but apparently this project is something different and will be arriving on an unspecified streaming platform, taking place after the events of the most recent movie. NBCUniversal’s Peacock seems like the most likely destination for the series given that the studio has collaborated with Diesel’s One Race Films on both Riddick and Fast & Furious, but based on the fourth chapter’s slow crawl towards the big screen, we might not see the televised extension of the mythology come together for a long time yet.