Vince Gilligan says next series is very different

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Writer and director Vince Gilligan mined gold from the desert with his shows and films set in the Breaking Bad world, and ahead of spinoff Better Call Saul ending, has teased what he is working on next will be miles away from these two.

“I haven’t told my wife about it. It’s something really different. Hopefully someone will want to buy it, someone will want to make it.”

The man who also made Home Fries and Hancock made the comments to Deadline Hollywood in an article published yesterday. He joked to the outlet it was a remake of M.A.S.H spinoff Trapper John, M.D. Gilligan and Saul showrunner Peter Gould also dissected what has come of hit properties in the past as models for what to do and not, and also revealed that the potential for more in the Breaking Bad world is there, but it would have to meet his terms to go ahead.

“I think … there are stories left to tell, but it’s not proving something to the world, it’s about proving something to yourself.”

Shortly after Breaking Bad ended in 2013, CBS dug up an earlier script Gilligan wrote and turned it into the show Battle Creek, which followed two mismatched law enforcement officers in Michigan. The show was cancelled after one season. As for Better Call Saul, the final run of Bob Odenkirk as America’s favorite criminal lawyer begins April 18. The season will be split into two parts. The first ends May 23 before it picks up July 11 before reaching its firm conclusion on August 15, 2022.