Vincent D’Onforio explains what makes Kingpin so dangerous


Even though his screentime as part of official Marvel Cinematic Universe canon amounts to mere minutes, Vincent D’Onofrio clearly had a blast returning as Kingpin in Disney Plus series Hawkeye.

Not only was he responsible for the character’s stylish new look, but he’s remained firm in his belief that he’s playing the same crime boss who was first introduced on Netflix, and he’s got no shortage of ideas as to where his arc could head now that he’s been reabsorbed into continuity.

On top of being a huge, scary dude with a criminal empire, Wilson Fisk is just as intelligent as he is deadly and dangerous. With that in mind, it’s not a shock to hear D’Onofrio make some illuminating and vivid comparisons when explaining to ComicBook what makes the New York City underworld’s most feared figure such a force to be reckoned with.

“If you’re in a cage with a lion and there’s some other meat in there, you might not get eaten first. But you will get eaten.”

The 62 year-old has been making even bolder claims recently, saying that not even Thanos would stand a chance in a scrap with Kingpin. While that stretches credulity to the limit, you have to admire the confidence and belief D’Onofrio has in a role that he evidently, and very vocally, holds extremely close to his heart.