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Vincent D’Onofrio reveals who would win if Kingpin fought Thanos

Yes, he unfortunately does go with the more ridiculous choice you are assuming he picked out of the two characters.


Having made his return as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Wilson Fisk in Hawkeye, Vincent D’Onofrio is having fun talking about other characters he may end up crossing paths with.

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In an interview with ComicBook, the 62-year-old was asked whether his character could win in a fight against Josh Brolin’s Thanos. Now, based on how the franchise has depicted the alien warlord, even without the Infinity Stones he used for much carnage and destruction, you would think he would’ve been in the realm of the realistic with his answer. However, D’Onofrio hedged his bets with Kingpin.

“I mean, there’s nobody that can beat Fisk. Nobody.”

We’ll obviously never know, as making these kinds of comparisons is like asking whether Frankenstein or the Wolfman could beat an army of 100 duck-sized horses. But still, it’s a bit silly to say a human would win. Even just with the size difference alone, there’s a distinct advantage, and it does not go to the big, bald crime boss.

What do you think of Vincent D’Onofrio’s opinion here? Is there a fictional fight you would like to see actually play out sometime, or are most of those which are suggested ridiculous? Let us know in the comment section down below.