Vincent D’Onofrio Shares Fan Petition To Save Daredevil


It was back in November when the news came out that Netflix had cancelled Daredevil after just three seasons, and fans of the ol’ Hornhead still haven’t fully recovered. The Marvel series has such a dedicated fanbase and had just arguably reached its peak with season 3 that they’re not going down without a fight.

Now, one of the show’s stars is helping to promote the call for it to be recommissioned. Vincent D’Onofrio – who played Wilson Fisk AKA Kingpin on Daredevil – shared a petition this week to get the series resurrected, while also using the popular hashtag #SaveDaredevil. The petition in question is one of the more professional ones out there, too, coming with an accompanying website and well on its way to achieving its goal of 75,000 signatures (it’s sitting at 57, 000 at the time of writing).

Of course, part of the fierce fan campaign to get the show back is that it makes no sense that Daredevil was cancelled. It’s known that it was still one of Netflix’s most popular original series, after all. Most reports make it clear, though, that Daredevil itself isn’t the problem but rather that the relationship between Marvel and the streaming service is breaking down altogether. What with Marvel now producing content for Disney Plus, it wouldn’t make sense for either party to continue working with the competition.

The best fans can realistically hope for at this stage is that the cast of Daredevil, as well as the rest of the Marvel/Netflix shows that’ve been given the chop, will find new homes in some form on Disney Plus. However, we’ve heard that the site is looking for family-friendly content, while contractual issues also mean that Marvel can’t play with these characters for at least 2 years after Netflix is done with them. In other words, there’s little chance we’ll see Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock suit up to save Hell’s Kitchen again. But still, it’s heartwarming to see that his fans are trying to save him.