Daryl And Dwight Will Have A Mutual Understanding In The Walking Dead Season 8


The development of Dwight’s moral code has been one of the most interesting character arcs over the past few seasons of The Walking DeadAt first, the high ranking Savior was a loathsome figure, but over time we learned how he was really just doing all he could to survive Negan’s wrath. Eventually, his loyalties wavered and, by the end of season 7, Dwight had switched sides to the Alexandrians.

Someone who hasn’t been thrilled about working alongside him though is Daryl. The pair have shared a mutual animosity ever since Dwight preyed on Daryl’s kindness and stole his motorcycle and crossbow back in season 6. In season 8, however, actor Austin Amelio believes that their heated relationship will thaw into a “mutual understanding” now that they’re on the same side.

“I mean, they’re definitely not buddy-buddy, but I do think that there’s more of an understanding between the two,” he said. “Daryl was also first there when you meet Dwight and he’s sort of this mirror to his past. It’s a difficult thing because they despise each other. I definitely don’t think they want to take a road trip in a car together for 10 hours, but I think there is sort of a mutual understanding, because Daryl has come into our compound and has seen what I have to deal with.”

Continuing on, he noted:

So I think that’s where they stand, and I also think that in the very, very beginning when he sees Daryl bring back the medicine, there’s also a little good in him too. It’s complicated out here in the post-apocalyptic world, man. It’s complicated.”

Having Dwight on their side could prove to be the turning point in destroying Negan’s tyrannical rule. Acting as a mole within the Saviors, Dwight should be able to feed the Alexandrians and their allies useful info about how to find a chink in the ubervillain’s armour. With his relationship with Daryl evolving as well, there should be some really interesting times ahead for Dwight’s character in the upcoming season. But will he manage to survive the all-out war?

We’ll find out when The Walking Dead returns to AMC later this month, on Sunday, October 22nd.