Watch: The Walking Dead 10×15 Clip Teases A Major Comic Book Death

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season 10 finale is upon us – well, kind of. This week’s episode is only the fifteenth of the run, and so should be the penultimate installment, but the season’s climax has been indefinitely delayed due to the post-production process being held up. Which means episode 10×15 “The Tower” has now become the de facto finale. Thankfully, it looks to be an important enough outing on its own, as hinted in this sneak peek clip.

Like the title suggests, the episode will see Beta leading an army of Whisperers to attack Alexandria, with their first move being to surround the water tower. Unfortunately, they’ve inadvertently captured a couple of hostages. The clip, which you can see in the player above, reveals Alden and Aaron are trapped within the tower. Surely there’s no way out without notifying the villains to their presence and things are not looking good for the pair.

Tragically, one of them might be about to meet a grisly death pulled from the comic books – though it was originally suffered by a different character. In the comic version of this event, it’s Father Gabriel who’s stationed at the tower when Beta comes. As he climbs down the ladder to escape, Gabriel slips and traps his leg. Dangling helplessly, Beta slices his stomach, leaving him to be devoured by walkers.

Gabriel’s comic fate was already alluded to back in episode 10, when word of the Whisperers gathering at the tower was used as a ruse for them to infiltrate the Safe-Zone itself. Now this moment is actually being brought to life, though it looks like the religious man’s going to make it out alive and either poor Aaron and Alden are going to face Beta’s wrath in his place.

The Walking Dead wraps up its tenth season – for now, as you can expect the finale later this year – this Sunday on AMC.