The Walking Dead Is Getting 2 New Spinoff Series

The Walking Dead

Yesterday brought the shocking news that The Walking Dead is coming to an end after its eleventh season. The plus side is that its final run will be a super-sized 24 episodes long. What’s more, two of TWD‘s most beloved characters, Norman Reedus’ Daryl and Melissa McBride’s Carol, will be getting their own spinoff series following the conclusion of the parent show. What’s being overlooked, though, is that there’s a second spinoff in the works as well.

This separate project is titled Tales of the Walking Dead. As the name suggests, it’ll be an anthology series that follows a different set of characters every week. Its aim will be to shine a light on the undiscovered corners of the TWD universe. Unlike the Daryl/Carol show, which has already got Angela Kang onboard as exec producer, that’s all we know about Tales at the moment, so it’s clearly at an earlier stage of development.

Though the pitch suggests Tales will introduce brand new characters and places, it’s possible that it could check in on familiar faces, too. Either exploring what happens to them after the end of the show, or else dipping back in time and diving into their backstories. This is just speculation at this point, but it seems like it would be an irresistible idea. Like how Fear the Walking Dead started out as a standalone project before crossovers began happening.

THR notes that AMC has yet to officially pick up the Tales anthology series, so there’s a chance it might not move forward. However, with the network having always been keen to expand the TWD franchise in any way possible, you would think that it has a pretty good shot of getting the green light. And if it does, it would likely debut in 2023, along with the untitled Reedus/McBride vehicle.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its long-delayed season 10 finale on October 4th. After that, we have 30 episodes left to go over the next two years before it comes to a close.