The Walking Dead May Confirm That Daryl Is Bisexual

The Walking Dead

We’ve had Daryl Dixon on our screens for nearly a decade, but there’s still something that The Walking Dead has yet to explore: his love life. Norman Reedus’ character has had a few potential romantic interests over the years, but nothing has actually developed with any of them. We’ve been promised that the show could be about to finally dive into the question of Daryl’s sexuality in its next batch of episodes, though, coming in early 2021. And when this happens, it may bring about a surprising development.

Insider Daniel Richtman has shared a rumor he’s heard on his Patron page, which claims that the character will be revealed as bisexual. Specifically, it’s being said that this is something that the producers of the long-running AMC series are keen to explore. We don’t know to what extent this would be depicted – whether it’s just mentioned or if he’s shown in a romantic situation with a man – but apparently it’s something the TWD team is interested in.

“Walking Dead wants to explore Daryl as bisexual,” says Richtman.

Fans have speculated that Daryl might be LGBTQ+ for years now, so this could be an instance of the writers picking up on what some viewers want to see. It’s worth noting, though, that creator Robert Kirkman officially confirmed that the character was straight on an episode of Talking Dead back in 2014. However, he did remark that he, the writers, Reedus and AMC would all be on board with exploring it if he wasn’t. So, it’s possible that the team have changed their minds since then.

After all, earlier this month, chief content officer Scott M. Gimple teased that season 10C will be “looking at other dimensions” of Daryl’s character that “we’ve never seen before on the show.” What with Negan’s backstory also being delved into, it seems a lot like the next six episodes will finally address things that fans have been waiting to see resolved for a long time. As such, you’d be wise to tune in when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 28th, 2021.