New Study Reveals The Walking Dead’s Worst Ever Episode

The Walking Dead

A handy new graph compiles the ratings of IMDb’s most frequently-rated TV series in order to find out what fans agree is the worst episode of the best shows out there. It covers many classic and contemporary titles, from Breaking Bad to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but for now let’s focus on The Walking DeadWhat episode in the post-apocalyptic drama’s ten-year history has been labelled the weakest installment of the show to date?

The graph, created by Bo McCready, reveals that season 7’s sixth episode, “Swear” is the least favorite outing of the series for fans by some distance. On the back of 11,558 votes, “Swear” sports a weak 5.6 rating on IMDb. It’s no surprise that TWD‘s darkest hour comes from the doldrums of season 7, either, with it widely regarded that the show lost its way both in that year and season 8 before being revitalized once showrunner Angela Kang took over for season 9.

As for “Swear,” specifically, you might know it as “the one that’s all about Tara.” The episode followed Alanna Masterson’s character along with Heath (Corey Hawkins) as they searched for supplies. When Tara’s separated from Heath, she inadvertently discovers the existence of the all-female Oceanside community. The installment is notable for being the last time Heath appeared on TWD, with his random disappearance being a source of frustration for fans ever since.

To be fair, there is a long plan in the works here. It was recently teased that Heath’s possible kidnapping is related to the human trafficking scheme that Anne is involved with and Rick Grimes was later pinched by. So it seems like Hawkins may return to the franchise for Andrew Lincoln’s movies, but that’s yet to be confirmed. Remember, upcoming spinoff World Beyond will further explore the Civic Republic Military, the organization behind it all.

Do you agree that “Swear” is the weakest Walking Dead episode of the lot, though? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.