The Walking Dead EP Says A Carol Vs. Alpha Fight Is Pretty Likely

walking dead

Earlier this summer, we heard Carol say those five little words that every fan of The Walking Dead wants to hear from her. “The bitch has to die.” Now, Greg Nicotero has promised us that a Carol vs. Alpha fight is likely to happen.

In an talk with TV Line on the Saturn Awards red carpet, the EP had this to say about an eventual smackdown between the two badass women:

“Knowing Carol’s history, I think it’s pretty likely. She really doesn’t take things lying down.”

If you’ve been keeping up with the show, even through the weaker seasons, you’ll know that Alpha should probably get used to the thought that she’ll be a real walker soon. After all, Carol has become one of, if not the toughest characters on TWD. She lost her daughter, went Rambo on a bunch of cannibals, and lost her adopted son. Most impressively, she survived an extremely abusive marriage and now that Alpha and her Whisperers have murdered Henry, we’re no doubt in for a crazy season 10.

Nicotero also suggested that, as if Carol Peletier isn’t enough, Michonne’s ready for some vengeance as well. She let the communities get separated, and as a result, the Whisperers could roam freely. This led the groups of survivors to where they are now, living in fear and staying within their borders.

Of course, showrunner Angela Kang also teased a Carol vs. Alpha showdown back in August, saying the following at the time.

“I mean, we’re gonna see some Carol-Alpha, and it’s gonna be awesome. I’m just thinking about this scene that they have together which is just epic, that’s so cool. Yeah, there’s a little bit of a beef there.”

Melissa McBride has hinted at the same for her character, saying a face-off is inevitable. Alpha knows she murdered Carol’s son Henry, and when the two finally come eye to eye, the Whisperers‘ leader will most likely have her shittin’ pants on.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 6th and the Carol/Alpha knock down drag out is not a fight you’ll want to miss.