First Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 10 Arrives From Comic-Con


When it returns to TV this fall, The Walking Dead will have reached its tenth season. Season 9 already shook up the show’s status quo in some huge ways but season 10 looks set to do even more to keep viewers on their toes and remind them to never take anything for granted. In fact, earlier today we got our first look at the upcoming run, thanks to the new trailer revealed at Comic-Con, and it seems like we’re in for quite the ride.

As you can see form the footage above, season 10 follows on from 9 in exploring the threat of Alpha and her Whisperers as Alexandria and the other communities fight for survival against these inhuman, walker skin-wearing creeps. Leading them through these trying times is Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Michonne (Danai Gurira). Despite the dark days though, it’s been teased that Daryl might find love this season. However, don’t expect it to be with Carol, Caryl shippers.

As for Michonne, we’ve known for a while that Gurira will make like Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan did last year and exit the series in season 10. Details are slim on how she’ll be written out of the show, but we’re pretty certain that the actress won’t leave the TWD universe for good. In fact, it’s thought that Michonne might get to reunite with her lost love Rick Grimes in those upcoming movies.

With Robert Kirkman’s comic book finally wrapping up after 15 years earlier this summer, the TV series now stands as the flagship of the franchise. It’s no secret that the show wavered a little for a while there, but season 9 was a definite improvement on what came before and hopefully we’ll be in for a great tenth outing of The Walking Dead when it arrives on AMC this October.