The Walking Dead EP Has A Good Sense Of How The Show Will End

The Walking Dead

The end is in sight for The Walking Deadwith the enormously successful show set to finally come to its conclusion in 2022 after a jumbo-sized 24-part eleventh season. That’s still a while away, then, so fans don’t have to worry about saying goodbye just yet. For those who make the series, though, the cogs have begun to turn on its last ever run, with the producers already having a “good sense” of how it will conclude.

At least, that’s what showrunner Angela Kang has told Entertainment Weekly in a new interview. Kang, who’s served as EP on TWD since season 9, revealed that the writers have already generated some ideas, plus they have the original comics to work from, so the ending is coming together. When asked if she knew what the shape of the final outing looks like, she said:

“I think so,” Kang said. “I’ve got a good sense and, obviously, we have Robert Kirkman’s comic book as our blueprint. So there’s stuff from there that we want to play with, but everything on the show can sometimes take a winding journey.”

Kang went on to tease some “original stuff” created for TV that she thinks will be “really cool” for fans to enjoy. Otherwise, plans are still forming and it’s not something that the producers are 100% focused on at present.

“And it’s like we’ve gone into a parallel universe with some of the characters from the comic, so we have to do some original stuff along the way that hopefully will be really cool,” Kang continued. “I’ve got an idea, but we haven’t yet really started working that out.”

That’s fair enough, considering that there’s still six additional episodes of season 10 to make before season 11 kicks off. Overall, we’ve got 30 installments left to go before TWD wraps up for good, so it’s no surprise that the show’s ending isn’t locked in completely yet. Still, Kang and chief content officer Scott M. Gimple have clearly got a lot of ideas up their sleeves already. Ideas that will no doubt go off in their own direction from the comics.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC tonight – October 4th – for its season 10 finale, “A Certain Doom.”