The Walking Dead Fans Are Furious That The Season 10 Finale’s Delayed

Daryl Walking Dead

It looked like The Walking Dead was going to escape the current shutdown on movie and TV production unscathed, what with filming on season 10 having completed months back. However, it was revealed today that the season finale has now been delayed indefinitely, due to post-production work being unable to continue until the coronavirus pandemic passes.

AMC has pulled the episode from its scheduled mid-April broadcast and is unable to confirm when it will eventually air. And needless to say, TWD fans are not happy about this news – to put it mildly.

Seriously, what did we do to you, 2020?!

To clarify, the next couple of episodes will still air as intended, but the finale won’t. Once we run out of new installments, though, that’s when the global lockdown will get even tougher.

Some think AMC should brave it out, like Rick Grimes and co.

Michonne is all of us.


Negan doesn’t approve.

Some people draw the line at the pandemic coming after their favorite TV show.

But we need The Walking Dead to show us how to survive the apocalypse!

Well, at least some folks are seeing the funny side…

With this delay, that means we have two more episodes of season 10 to go before it disappears off our screens for an unspecified stretch of time. This Sunday brings 10×14 “Look at the Flowers,” a Carol-centric installment which will reveal how she sprung Negan out of jail to kill Alpha. The week following that is season 10’s penultimate episode, “The Tower.” No doubt that will end on some massive cliffhanger, meaning the wait for the finale will likely be hellish.

Don’t miss The Walking Dead this weekend on AMC. And don’t take the show for granted, either, as we don’t know how long it’ll be before it returns to conclude the season.