The Walking Dead Fans Are Devastated By Last Night’s Episode

The Walking Dead Season 9 Daryl

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead finally revealed the truth behind the matching ‘X’ scars sported by Michonne and Daryl since the 6-year time jump kicked off a quarter way through the season. Despite months of fan theories, we still had no idea to expect a backstory so dark and devastating. Seriously, season 9’s fourteenth episode “Scars” will likely go down as one of the toughest hours to watch in the show’s history.

The truth was that an old friend of Michonne’s, Jocelyn, was responsible. Since the apocalypse, she had become unhinged, raising a group of orphan children and shaping them into murderers. When Jocelyn’s group threatened Judith, her unborn son R.J. and the children of Alexandria, the pregnant Michonne was forced to take drastic action and kill the feral kids and their leader.

Her actions have weighed heavily on her ever since, hence Michonne’s withdrawn personality and isolationist stance in the present. And now, TWD fans share her pain as the devastating flashbacks left many viewers struggling to watch.

For some fans, this episode compared to no other. After eight years of dark events like cannibalism, Glenn’s violent death and Carol telling Lizzie to look at the flowers, “Scars” was the first episode to give one particular viewer the “chills.”

On the other hand, some fans weren’t fazed at all by Michonne’s moral dilemma and thought it was a simple fact that these creepy kids needed to go.

From here, The Walking Dead season 9 has two episodes left and the darkness is unlikely to let up. Next Sunday’s outing is titled “The Calm Before” and will focus on Ezekiel’s fair to unite the various communities. However, the finale being titled “The Storm” suggests that it won’t be the prosperous event he’s hoping for and will result in tragedy, likely due to the Whisperers crashing the party.